October 1, 2022


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Glazed fire doors provide security and design

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Any person involved in the building and construction of a brand-new structure is immediately entrusted with placing safety and security above all else. Installing totally accredited and examined security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – is a significant demand. This does not indicate that fire doors have to be purely practical. They can be visually pleasing and be part of an attractive surface to any area.

Read below the aspects of the role of glazed fire doors:

There are given mandatory safety and security requirements for all polished fire doors – πυρίμαχες πόρτες. Fire doors need to have particular requirements, in addition to those in regard to offering the 60 minutes of fire resistance. They must be constructed with a qualified core of 54mm to abide by defined Standards.

All glazed fire doorsyalothures pyrasfaleias – should be fitted with in-tumescent strips in either the framework or the door itself. This is to quit the spread of smoke and also warmth from any fire episode. All fire doors with glass need to have certified glazing, whether shielding or non-insulating. Also they must be readily available as a pre-hung setting up, to be installed by an identified proficient individual.

Safety demands for all fire doors

In residences that are 2 storeys or more, a door leading to an essential garage, need to be completely certified fire immune. Any type of new-build, or restored, three-storey structure should consist of licensed fire doors to every habitable area leading from the stairwell.

Finish your fire doors in style

There are a number of various opportunities to complete your glazed fire doors in a wise and trendy style. There are a range of veneer finishes, paint qualities, laminate struggling with and polishing choices that can include that touch of design to the means your fire door looks.

Veneer finishes

Veneer coating choices are offered in a large range of genuine timber veneers including Ash, Beech, Cherry, Elm, Larch, Maple, Oak, Teak and also Walnut– several of these choices with a more array within themselves.

Paint grades

Paint qualities are available as Ply-Faced, MDF-Faced or Paper Overlay. Each developed for the most efficient finish, reliant upon the door materials and actual door use.

Laminate surface

Laminate dealings with offer hard and also easy to tidy surface areas, so have that added functionality in addition to a wonderful visual look. These are readily available in an ordinary surface, a pattern or a timber grain– the laminate coating doors are normally finished with lipped sides made from a proper wood.

Polishing alternatives

Fire doors with glass are readily available with various glazing choices utilizing proper glass kinds as well as thicknesses, reliant upon the required honesty for the private door use. These can be manufactured to your bespoke requirement.

No matter what finish alternatives you pick, the materials can be suitably matched throughout your structure to guarantee a wise, uniform and also trendy seek to your premises, along with carrying out the extremely crucial task of supplying safe rooms from any kind of fire episode.

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