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Make Your Own Fridge Magnets with a Cricut

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Did you know that you can make your own fridge magnets with a Cricut? Well, you can and they make an amazing personalized gift for any toddlers or preschoolers on your gift-giving list. Make them their own name spelled out in fun felt letters and they can play at the refrigerator all day! Add these letters to our DIY bean bag toss game for a holiday gift they will never forget. Want to see how to use your Cricut Explore Air 2 for this project? Read on for the instructions!

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Supplies needed to make DIY magnetic letters:

supplies to make fridge magnets

Letter Magnets Video

Sometimes it helps to see a video when making a DIY project like this one. You can learn how to make your own fridge magnets with the Cricut Explore Air 2 below.

Can’t watch the video or missed some of the steps? No problem! We also have instructions below that you can use.

How to Make Your Own Fridge Magnets

Start by personalizing your cut file with your name. You can find the cut file that I used here. Use that file and change the letters to be any that you like. Duplicate the letters if you need more for your name. Remember that for each letter you will need two felt pieces and an iron-on piece. Then cut the pieces with your Cricut Explore Air 2.

Cutting the Felt Pieces

You can see more about cutting felt here. For the felt, you can use a brayer to press it down well on the mat when cutting.

cutting felt with cricut explore

Then cut two of each letter (both a front and a back.)

cricut explore air 2 cutting felt

The Cricut Explore Air 2 cuts felt great! If you have not used your machine for this, you definitely should. And felt makes projects like these so easy because you don’t have to worry about the raw edges.

cricut cutting felt

Cutting Mosaic Iron-on

You will also need to cut the mosaic iron-on. This iron-on material is different from any other that you might have used before. You still need to put the material face-down on the mat and mirror the image before cutting. In this case, the “back” is the side where you can feel the squares and should be up when cutting.

cutting mosaic iron on with cricut explore air 2

Then mirror your design and cut one each of the letters to make your own fridge magnets.

how to cut mosaic iron on

I varied the colors of my version but you can choose whatever colors of both felt and iron-on that you like. Be sure to turn your dial to custom and pick mosaic iron-on from the list as this is different from other types.

cricut explore cutting mosaic heat transfer vinyl

Weeding Mosaic Iron-on

Then you will want to weed away the excess around your iron-on pieces. This material actually has a double liner for easier weeding.

felt letters with cricut

Instead of peeling away each and every one of those squares, just separate the two liners. Then pull away the excess around the entire thing using the first liner.

adding iron on to felt

Putting Mosaic Iron-on on Felt

Your top felt letter should have the iron-on added to the front. For each letter, preheat the felt for a few seconds before starting. You will want to preheat your EasyPress to the time and temperature recommended on the heat guide. Then, add the iron-on to the letter aligning with the sides.

mosaic iron on with felt

Press for the recommended time and temperature.

cricut easypress and felt

The mosaic iron-on is a warm peel but you may want to let it cool slightly before handling.

mosaic heat transfer vinyl on felt

Then you will peel back the double liner. Start by pulling up the first liner. The second may stick to this one and that is okay! Either peel just the first or both of them at the same time.

double liner on mosaic iron on

Then peel away the second liner if needed.

felt letters for fridge magnets

Repeat for all of the letters. Remember you only need one of each with the iron-on applied.

magnetic letters ready for sewing

Adding Magnets

Add the magnets to the back of the front letter with a little hot glue. Allow to cool before continuing.

adding magnets to felt

Sewing the Felt Letters

Now it is time to sew each letter. If the letter has an inside portion like the “A”, then sew around the inside first. Otherwise, just start around the outer edge sewing by hand. I am using a contrasting embroidery thread for each letter.

sewing with embroidery floss

Sew a few inches then stuff. Sew a few more inches and stuff again. Add just a little bit of stuffing to make the letters slightly puffy. Stuffing gradually as you sew makes the process much easier.

adding stuffing to felt letters

Repeat for all of your letters.

how to make fridge magnets that spell a name

Now that you know how to make your own fridge magnets, you can make a gift for every child on your gift-giving list this year. Or great creative and use this same technique for the letters of your favorite college team and more!

how to make fridge magnets gift idea

I actually try to make my grandkids a personalized gift for their birthday and Christmas each year. It is a special tradition that I hope to continue year after year.

name magnets for kids

And with my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine, I can actually whip up a gift like this even quicker! My grandson will love seeing his name in magnetic letters on the refrigerator and I will love knowing this handmade gift came from the heart.

magnetic name letters

So, if you have ever wanted to make letter magnets from felt, try this tutorial and whip up a name or an entire alphabet. The kids will love playing with them year after year.

personalized letter magnets gift idea

Homemade gifts that last for years? Now that is a gift they will love! So, make your own fridge magnets and put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.

kids letter magnets

So, do you love this idea for making letters from felt and want more ideas? Try the links below!


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