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What are the right woman clothes to look classy?

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Having timeless women clothes – gynaikeia royxa is an undeniable must for setting a stylish wardrobe that will stand the test of time. Due to the simple and classic variety of most of the elegant pieces, dressing in a classy way often gets deceived as implying preppy or boring. So how can you go from boring to chic without jeopardising class? Let me show you a few tricks.


The Little Black Dress

It is the most popular official piece of attire in most women’s dressers, but it’s also an outstanding design in the classy woman’s apparel collection. The LBD can come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, but I strongly advise you getting one that ends under the knees and the pencil version to be exact. It’s classy and elegant, and you can wear it on any occasion!

White Shirt

A simple white shirt in characteristic women clothes. It doesn’t need to be very expensive, but it has to be of quality fabric, i.e. 100% cotton or linen/cotton blend or 100% silk to give you a luxurious look. Polyester will look cheap and not classy.


Silk Top or Blouse

You need to have at least one piece of 100% silk in your wardrobe. If you’re going to get one thing, make sure it’s a nice blouse or a top you can wear elegantly with skirts, trousers, and jeans. A very versatile item, both for evening or daytime occasions. I would advise you to preferably get one in a light colour, like white, off-white or cream. 

Dark colour fitted pants

A nice black pair of pants is a standard, basic item that every person should have in their wardrobe! They should be fitted but not look like legging you were in the gym. At the same time for classy look avoid oversized, baggy, “boyfriend” style pants. Black pants are very easy to style and can be worn over and over again without people noticing. 


Tweed Jacket or Blazer

Chanel or Chanel inspired jacket is a classy must-have in an elegant woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to these jackets, you can go creative regarding colour, as most of them look good as long as they suit your skin tone and hair colour. I prefer white, black, navy, grey and creme. 

Black Leather Handbag

If you’re a sophisticated career woman, you need to have a classy “everyday hand bag” that is discreet but looks expensive. Luckily it doesn’t need to be a designer branded one, as long as the design is sleek and materials are of the finest leather. If you can’t afford Chanel, you can get away with getting a leather bag that is not so pricey (like Rebecca Minkoff or Michael Kors) but will look more expensive. 

Polka dots

To spice up your outfits in summer, polka dots are a great classic pattern that never goes out of style. Most of the time they come in colours like white, brown, blue, black and red. I like cute and flirty polka dot summer dresses that are worn for daytime only. Evenings are not made for this pattern, so make sure only to wear it during the day.



Leather Tall Boots High Heels

For Fall and Winter, a pair of black leather boots with a sexy heel is very much necessary when you want to dress up a little. I love the army, hipster and biker boots. Super cool look if you want to diversify your look and wardrobe, but if you want to keep a classy look, stick to tall, right under the knee boots. I adore sexy and fashionable over the knee boots with a short sweater dress or a skirt but while that outfit is super sexy and cute, it doesn’t particularly scream “classy”, but there are many ways to make it look classy. 

A classy Jumpsuit

It’s easy to forget the existence of the jumpsuit, but let me be the person who will remind you. I already spoke about how important trousers are in a classy wardrobe, but jumpsuits carry the same level of chicness, if not more! They are great for evening attire, as it feels more dressy wearing a nice jumpsuit than just putting on a simple pair of trousers. 

Pencil skirt

A classy woman must have at least one pencil skirt, if not more and preferably in all kinds of different colours! You can style them endlessly with different tops and colour variations. Having multiple skirts is so handy when you want to make the most out of all your basic items! Pencil skirts are great because they are classy yet sexy and can work both for work and evening, all depending on how you style it! 


A-line, Skater or Fit-and-flare Dress – Knee length

You slould be able to have some dresses from many known designers. But you have to be careful because there are a lot of cheap-looking dresses in this design. The most important when shopping for a dress of this kind is to get an expensive-looking fabric to get a luxurious look. To look classy this dress has to go just above the knee and be without any décolletage. 

Wrap or faux-wrap dress

Diane von Furstenberg was the one who gave the wrap dress a name, but did you know it’s an amazing item to have in a classy wardrobe? Women who struggle to be feminine should invest in a wrap dress! It’s also a perfect piece for any body shape as it’s flattering and covering, and works for anyone! 

Black Coat

The one coat that must be in every chic woman’s wardrobe is the black coat. If you don’t have much money the black coat will save your fashion life! It’s important to have a coat for when you go out at night, as with dressy outfits and cute dresses you can’t wear a normal jacket, a coat is mandatory for these occasions if you want to look classy!

But the beauty with black coats is that you can get a versatile one, one that is dressy enough for the evening, but still casual to be worn during the day with your usual jeans or other comfortable clothes. 

 White, Camel or Light coloured Coat

A black coat is a must. This one is for you who wants to take up your look a notch and look high-end. It’s much harder to maintain a white or light-coloured coat, so you need to be careful or expect regular trips to the dry-cleaning. The beauty though is that is exactly what will give you that classy, sophisticated look without having to do much! Also, white/light colours are very flattering if you’re age conscious because they are not as ageing as black, and will make you look younger.

A white/light coat is necessary if you want to do the “all-white” trick where you look expensive just by dressing yourself all in white/light colours.


 Trench Coat

If you need to buy very fashionably in 2020 so-called “new trench” coats that have more innovated edgier cuts. But if you are more conservative in style stick to Burberry style classic trench coats. 


You might consider stylish cardigans to upgrade your look. To look elegant, they need to be in a solid colour, expensive-looking. The colours have to be mostly black, red, white, pastels or other natural colours. Also, a lot of elegant women wear sets, like top and cardigan.

Black Sunglasses

How can you be classy without owning a nice pair of black shades? Black sunglasses are so classy and timeless, it worked in the ’50s, and it still works in 2020. It’s such a must-have piece for sunny days, preferably all-black, sophisticated and oversized.

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