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Which Cricut EasyPress is Best?

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With four machines in the family, which Cricut EasyPress is best? Which should you ask for this holiday season? We have all of those answers and more below! We are tackling the Cricut EasyPress and determining which you should buy. From the EasyPress mini to the original, which should you add to your crafting arsenal? Read on to find out!

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Video for Deciding Which Cricut EasyPress to Buy

I put everything you need to know about which Cricut EasyPress is best in an easy-to-follow video. You can watch that below.

Not sure how the EasyPress compares to other ways to add heat transfer vinyl to surfaces? You can see my comparison with an iron here and with a traditional heat press here.

Can’t watch the video or need even more information? Keep reading!

Cricut EasyPress Comparison

First, let’s compare the different versions of the Cricut EasyPress for features and benefits. Remember that all of these sizes can be used with heat transfer vinyl, Infusible Ink, and sublimation. Also, every size except the mini has the same controls for time and temperature.

Cricut EasyPress 9×9

In the box, you will find the EasyPress itself as well as a base for setting it on during use. This is the original size of EasyPress and still my favorite size. Why you may ask? Here are the pros and cons of this size.


  1. Great size for a majority of crafts.
  2. Larger heat transfer vinyl projects can be pressed multiple times.
  3. Not too heavy.
  4. Easy size to store.


  1. Larger Infusible Ink or sublimation projects may not be possible.
  2. Pressing twice or three times for XL or larger shirts can be a pain.

9x9 cricut easypress features

Cricut EasyPress 6×7

Again, the press comes with a base. While the 9×9 above is my favorite, I reach for this one all of the time. It is so lightweight and perfect for those small projects. Let’s breakdown the pros and cons.


  1. Super small size is great for those cramped for space.
  2. Size is perfect for things like onesies and odd projects that are small.
  3. If you need an EasyPress that is lightweight, this is going to be the best option.


  1. Large projects can be cumbersome with multiple presses.
  2. Limited size on Infusible Ink and sublimation projects.

which cricut easypress should i buy

Cricut EasyPress 12×10

This is the largest of the EasyPress family and once again it comes with the press and a base. This one is HUGE and perfect for those that do a ton of large projects. Keep reading for all of the pros and cons.


  1. Makes large projects go so much faster.
  2. Great for large sublimation or Infusible Ink projects.


  1. Super heavy so it is not great for those with hand issues.
  2. Large size is harder to store.
  3. Draws a lot of power so needs its own outlet with no extension cord.

using the large cricut easypress

Cricut EasyPress Mini

This is the latest in the EasyPress family and you might just be surprised by the wide range of uses for this one. Again, you get the EasyPress and a base in the package. Need more about the pros and cons? Keep reading! You can also head here to see me use the EasyPress mini.


  1. The only way to make all of those odd projects like hats, shoes, and so much more.
  2. Infusible Ink and sublimation are compatible.
  3. The super small size makes it easy to use and store.
  4. It can double as a mini iron for sewing.
  5. Stocking size for those shopping for gift ideas.


  1. Not really practical for large projects as it would take forever to press those.
  2. Because of the limited use, it may not be used as often as the other EasyPress sizes.
  3. No timer so you will need to time on your own.
  4. Only three heat settings so you can’t set a specific temperature.

do you need the cricut easypress mini

Which Cricut EasyPress is Best?

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of each, which Cricut EasyPress should you buy? The answer is – it depends! Basically it depends on what type of crafter you are. Here are a few examples:

  • 9×9 Cricut EasyPress – this is the one I generally recommend for every crafter. It is a great middle of the road size and is perfect for most projects.
  • 6×7 Cricut EasyPress – do a ton of small projects and already have the 9×9? You might want to consider getting this smaller size as it will be so much easier to reach for when doing those smaller projects.
  • 12×10 Cricut EasyPress – I only recommend this one for those that do a lot of large projects. If you do mainly XL or larger shirts, this is the EasyPress for you.
  • EasyPress mini – this is for the crafter that loves to experiment and push the limit. If you want to add iron-on to all the things, including rounded surfaces, this one needs to be in your stocking this holiday season.

There are a ton of other scenarios and you might not fit into just one of the above. I hope you can use this information, however, to narrow down your choices. Still struggling? Drop me a comment below and I will try to help! Tell me what type of crafter you are and what projects you want to make with your EasyPress, I can help you narrow down the choices.

EasyPress Accessories You Might Want to Add

Now that you know which Cricut EasyPress you want under the tree, I did want to make one other suggestion. Be sure to add an EasyPress mat to your wishlist. I have tried the folded up towel under my projects and it is just not ideal. The EasyPress mat is well worth the investment. I would recommend the 12×12 mat with any of the EasyPresses except the 12×10. For the largest EasyPress, go ahead and get the 20×16 mat.

Where to Buy the Cricut EasyPress

Now that you know which Cricut EasyPress you want, where do you buy one? You can get them just about anywhere. From craft stores to Amazon to the Cricut website, comparison shop for a better deal. I would wait for a deal if you want to get one of these for the holidays. I am sure there will be some deal coming up that you can’t miss! If you do want to shop now, I am including some links below for you.

  • 9×9 Cricut EasyPress – you can buy here on the Cricut website or here on Amazon
  • 6×7 Cricut EasyPress – you can buy here on the Cricut website or here on Amazon
  • 12×10 Cricut EasyPress – you can buy here on the Cricut website or here on Amazon
  • Cricut EasyPress Mini – you can buy here on the Cricut website or here on Amazon

Projects to Make with Your EasyPress

I hope y’all enjoy your new toy as much as I enjoy all of mine! Want some inspiration for your first project? Try the links below!

Once you figure out which Cricut EasyPress is right for you, the possibilities are endless!


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